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Jet Fan Extract Smoke in Motorway Tunnels

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Motexo Vent–

Jet Fan for Tunnel Ventilation

Motexo jet fan is mainly used for longitudinal ventilation of roads and railway tunnels,
and can also be used for other similar occasions, such as auxiliary tunnels and sedimentation tanks.


The jet fan manufactured by Boxing Motexo Industries Co.,Ltd is suspended at the top of the tunnel and uses the tunnel itself as the air duct.
The jet fan is specially designed to generate the maximum injection power from a given
power consumption. Its operational function is based on the principle of impact transmission.
A part of the total air flow through the tunnel is inhaled by the fan during operation and then
ejected at high speed by the outlet. Since the squirting airflow changes with the driving force
of the remaining air, the energy is injected into the latter, thereby pushing the air in the tunnel
toward the outlet end and sucking in fresh air from the inlet. The concentration of carbon
monoxide and turbid air increase from the point of entry to the maximum value of the outlet,
which is the design value. The fan is installed in the cross section of the tunnel,
does not occupy the traffic area, does not require special ventilation, is easy to install,
and has low soil construction price.

These jet fan are produced for customers special requests.If the customer has other
requirementsfor pressure and air volume what is not included in the following list,
please contact our technicians to design and select the appropriate tunnel fan.

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